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Who is Far Out Faron

A tinkerer with a knack for electronics, woodwork, music, and lights


From robots to tube amplifiers, no circuit is safe from my probing mind. Circuitbending, PCB/schematic designing, coding, and dancing in the name of Audio.


Music, Photoshop, Illustrator. I make strings move and people groove. I shoot and edit photographs. I design solutions to problems you never knew you had.


A collection of my work from formal design projects to creative photography. Please email me for more information on these projects or to collaborate on a new one!

Arduino Synthesizer

Electronics/Instrument Design

Ported Bookshelf Speaker Cabinet

Audio Transducer Design

Impedance Tube

Acoustics Design

Phoneme Analysis and Recognition in MATLAB

Digital Speech and Acoustics Processing


Travel and Music Festivals through my lens

3D Printer Assembly and Calibration



My journey to today.

  • 2009-2011

    Electronics and Robotics abound!

    High school introduced me to the magic that is robotics and coding. Our FRC and FTC team went to nationals!

  • 2011-2016

    University of Miami

    I formalized my engineering education with a degree in Electrical and Audio Engineering from UM. I learned many lessons in my extracurriculars at WVUM 90.5 FM and playing in bands across South Florida.

  • 2016-2017

    Real-time MBA

    I decided to develop my business sense in the real world, working for Sennheiser and freelancing at various start-ups. Most prominently, I am learning much working for Sound Off; a wireless headphones events production company.

  • 2017 and Beyond!

    Looking for Projects

    At this point, I am thirsty to learn more and apply my engineering and business skill sets!

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    Of My

I got the jams

My primary form of expression is sonically through guitar, bass, drums, and DIY synthesizers.

Listen to the groove, let it make you move


Song ideas and playlists

Mons Vi


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Let me know what you think of my site, projects, or just say hi!